Jun 17, 2013

WHALES' ISLAND have decided to take a break

Today the band have announced that they are going to take a long break, and they have posted it on their facebook' fan page.

Good Morning Guys, How are you? We hope so fine... well, yesterday we had our practice time together and was cool as usual...
Guys, after a long period talking of all The problems and costs especially of this 2013, a decision is made.. At first, we ve no more money to do shows outside Italy so we ve to cancell our fluff fest week at The end of July and we are so sorry about it... By The way, whales Island are going to have a break, a long long break.. We don t Wanna Say that our time is over..But as Go It Alone said: «Nothing gold can stay» so we don t know when and if will be possibile to start again with tour, records and much more.
Basically we just want to keep our friendship, without troubles, 3 years together, 1 full lenght cd, 2 vinyl, 5 european tour, 2 video, a lot of big shows in Italy... That's fucking amazing...
We want to thanks all The people Who supported us in these years, our records Label Indelirium Records and Emiliano, Acme Studio, Noreason records and Stefano, Nopanicrecords and Ronny, Apostolisxxx and Wak records, all The italian bands known, our booking agency Mighty Vision Entertinment, our brother Sandro Pazzo Shows, our video Maker Claudio Stanghellini...
Every single person known during our european tour..
So, come at The show next week at The rocket bar in Palermo cause we want to have fun as if it will be our last..But we want to keep our music and hope to be here again sometimes in The future.. At The moment we can Only Say these words: bye love you, breis breis.

We expect the best for this guys and we hope to see them soon on the stage.
In each case we'd like to remember the band in the best way ever!

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