Aug 23, 2013

ANTILLECTUAL: Perspectives & Objectives

Finally the big day has arrived.

We are pleased to officially announce the release of the new chapter in the history of Antillectual.
"Perspectives & Objectives" will be released to all intents and purposes tonight, with a release show in Nijmegen with Tim Vantol, Harsh Realms, Lawine, Dead Giveaway and The Road Home.

If you don't have the opportunity to be at the release show don't worry. From August 30th, Antillectual will be on tour with Timeshares to promote their latest album.
For facebook's users, HERE you will find all the details.
To all our Italian friends: remember not to miss the only Italian date of the tour scheduled for September 4th at Spazio Ligera, Milan.

Last but not least, we remind that you have time till August 31th to pre-order the album just clicking HERE.

If you haven't already done, you have to watch these videos:


Future History:

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