Mar 3, 2014

New NOBLAME EP available for free download

Everything is packed and NO BLAME are finally ready to fly to Japan for 6 exclusive shows!
For this tour the band wrote 4 news songs that are contained in a new EP titled "These Chances We Take", available for free on the BANDCAMP page!
This is what the band thinks about this new step of the career:

“These chances we take” has been written in the occasion of our first Japan tour, probably our biggest achievement so far. It features an overall atmosphere of uncertainty and doubt, due to our natural process of growing up and development; going through hazards and difficult choices is uncomfortable, but it surely helps a lot. The message we address to ourselves and to everyone else is that we have to take our chances, whatever the contingencies may be, and try to push always further to not cancel who we are and what we do - “Never mistake motion for action” (E. Hemingway).

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