Apr 4, 2014

JET MARKET "Anthology"

As probably you know JET MARKET next 25/26th April will play last shows before quits forever.
In their long career these guys wrote some skatepunk masterpieces and so before left they decided to release an "Anthology"!
All songs have been re-recorder at HELL SMELL Studio with the original line-up!
The "Anthology" will be release next 25th April and will be available in only 150 limited wallet CD!
PRE-ORDER is up from today while here below you can find the exclusive tracklist!

JET MARKET - "Anthology"

01. Another rainy day for the human race
02. Years are made of seconds
03. The Truck
04. Sparks against darkness
05. Running with scissors
06. Freedom slaves
07. Useless comparison
08. The one you pet, the one you eat
09. Religion as dogma
10. Labeled and persecuted
11. Don't call this democracy
12. From hell to the consumer
13. You can always make my day
14. Caldo verde
15. Wasted future
16. Tempus fugit

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