Jan 27, 2015


As you know JET MARKET left the scene last year but as usual Alex didn't stop to write and record new stuff and right now is "releasing" with the name of DEAD MARKET a new EP titled "ASUNDER", which you can listen and download here.

"Hey buddies, it's done!
I started recording this new EP last summer, it took some time but now is ready. My original plan was to record a new whole album but lately I've started a new band called Thousand Oaks with a couple of friends who both played in JM in different periods: Agostino (guitar) and Matteo (bass). So I decided to record only the finished songs I had at the time and keep the rest of the ideas for this new project we're currently working on. Enjoy!"
Alessandro Gavazzi

Download it here: https://www.mediafire.com/?xb8jbf5bkbigfbs

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