Jan 13, 2016

Welcome BRIGHTR!

We are glad to welcome a new artist and friend in our rooster!
His name is BRIGHTR and comes from UK!
Next March 11st we will release his debut album titled "Year one" while he will start a endless tour next February 2nd!

"Hi I'm Brightr. I write gloomy emo-pop and live on the south-coast of England. In September 2014 I began an adventure that has taken me on numerous tours around the UK and mainland Europe. Galvanised by a cocktail of unspent ideas and inner rage I've written countless songs, released an EP and a split tape, 4 videos and in the next few months will be unveiling my full album 'Year One'. Influences-wise, I guess I kinda hoped Brightr would sound somewhere between Owen and Motion City Soundtrack with a whole heap of gloom and technical silliness. See you soon"

From today PRE-ORDER is up and you can enjoy "Sick note", the first single track from the album!

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