Mar 22, 2016

BELVEDERE: Pre-sale up!!!

here were two rules when BELVEDERE decided to write and record their first album in over 12 years. Have a good time, and don’t sound like a bunch of old men..…mission accomplished. We are so excited to be a part of this project!

The new album "The revenge of the fifth" will be out on May 5th but you can PRE-SALE your copy from today! I know you like fast and melodic stuff, exactly as we do!

For this reason we offer you a super-special-deal! You will recieve a free CD for each pre-order and you can choose which album grab choosing from the new releases of THOUSAND OAKS, EDWARD IN VENICE and LINEOUT! Wow!

12 euro all included!!!

Is it enough!!! Choose your combo and wait for loud your stereo!!!


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