May 24, 2016

ANTILLECTUAL: "Racist rash"

“Racist Rash” is the first single from Antillectual’s new album “ENGAGE!”.
The single is released as a music video and sets off the pre-order for the band’s new album.

Music video “Racist Rash” is a good first representation of “ENGAGE!” since there’s quite a few faster songs on the album.
The band states: “The song deals with the racism that is still omnipresent in our culture, sports, traditions, policies, etc. A big obstacle in overcoming this is the inability of people to accept that a statement or action without a racist intention can nonetheless have a racist implication. The bullheaded idea that one can perfectly judge a situation one is part of oneself, is another big obstacle. Racism is not an opinion or an ideology, it's a crime to be convicted or a disease to be cured at best. Don't let patients diagnose their own case.” 

The video was shot (at the famous “Onderbroek”), directed and edited by Harko Wubs, a political film and documentary director and producer, who is active in the field of migration, refugee and border issues.

Pre-order have opened today on the BAND'S WEBSITE and include “Antillectu-Ale”, a limited edition beer by breweries Katjelam and De Gifbeker in celebration of the new album!

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